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Impact Shingles - Residential Roofing

Insurance discount shingles

When you have to replace your roof, why not pick a shingle that will save you money year after year on your home insurance?  Your home insurance company may have a discount for when their clients opt for class 3 (brand specific) or class 4 impact-rated shingles. Their logic is that if you have an upgraded roofing system the chances of it getting damaged by hail are reduced and there is a lesser chance of them paying out a claim.   

Every year, thousands of homeowners across the country suffer costly damage to their roofs during hailstorms and other extreme weather events. There are certain parts of the U.S. that are more hail-prone than others. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the five worst states for major hail events in 2018 were:

Texas, with 508 hail storms

Kansas, with 493 hail storms

Colorado, with 332 hail storms

Nebraska, with 309 hail storms

South Dakota, with 309 hail storms

If you live in a hail-prone region of the country, or in an area where frequent severe weather events put your roof at higher risk for damage, then you may want to seriously consider installing Class 4 roofing shingles.


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